Teaching in the UK from abroad

Teaching in the UK from abroad

When we speak to Overseas Trained Teachers looking to teach abroad, and are asked why they should come over to teach in the UK, the first thing we say is don’t underestimate the size of the UK teaching market.

It might look small on the map, but it’s full of opportunity, with an ever increasing number of schools expanding, new academies opening, an increasing number of children who need school places and, in turn, as one of the leading agencies, Prospero Teaching has plenty of teaching jobs in England and Wales – and offices in Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, London and Essex to name but a few. Because the UK teaching market is growing rapidly, and if you are a strong, qualified teacher we can literally offer you guaranteed work (on a guaranteed pay scheme) before you come over so you can rest feel secure in the knowledge that you are paid from day 1.

Whether you want the buzz of exiting, urban, city life, or a more relaxed and rural stay working in schools in beautiful countryside with easy access into cities. Either way we can help.

And if you are looking for ‘an experience’ teaching in England or Wales then you may be after a flexible teaching job to allow you to travel and experience different schools before you settle. The UK is small enough to travel end to end, across coastlines, as a gateway to Europe and a diverse experience from city to city.

So when you teach in the UK you will find culture, modern attractions, old-world charm and vibrant cities; it’s the perfect place from which to visit the rest of Europe, so international travel during breaks and holidays is easily possible.

For more information, please email: international@prosperoteaching.com and browse our teaching jobs.

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