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As educators, we all know what effective learning looks like, and we try our best to deliver engaging, inspiring lessons to our students. It is surprising, then, that continuing professional development for teachers and support staff can be so uninspiring and dull!

At Prospero Teaching we know what excellent training looks like and we strive to provide you with bespoke, high-quality, practical training. Join the hundreds of teachers who have already benefitted from our expert facilitators and in-house Training and Development Team.

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Teachers in the UK will generally be required to complete 30 hours of CPD courses per year, but not everyone will be able to access good quality training in school. This is why we run our regular free CPD sessions outside of school hours. All sessions are accredited by CPDUK, ensuring you receive the best possible quality training.

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An Introduction to Safeguarding Young People – Online Course

An accredited CPD course offering comprehensive training on how to safeguard students in your care.




2017 CPD Events Calendar



Teaching Outstanding Lessons – Saturday 20th May, 6pm – 8pm

Forget anything you’ve been told about the key being flashy resources, magic plenaries and having the “X factor”, this course will break down what Outstanding means and what it looks like. Read our Blog

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Behaviour for Learning – Saturday 24th June, 10am – 2pm

This course will show you practical classroom management strategies, how to forge strong relationships, and keep students in your care learning calmly.  Read our Blog

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Other Prospero Teaching Courses


Teaching Revision Techniques – Saturday 22nd April, 10am – 2pm

Prevent monotonous revision lessons, and learn how to embed memory strategies into your teaching.



Behaviour Management Strategies – Tuesday 25th April, 6pm – 8pm

Join us for our evening skills-booster course on behaviour managment. Refresh your techniques for the new term, and create a calm and productive environment for all of your learners.



Inclusive Education – Supporting Young People with ASD 

A session focused on understanding how to tailor your teaching to support students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

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Embedding Literacy Across the Curriculum

Giving tips for teachers on how to address literacy foci in every subject across the curriculum.

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Stress Management

This course focuses on staff well-being and practical strategies to manage stress. Learn mindfulness strategies and how to calm your mind.



Inclusive Education – Supporting Young People with ADHD 

Understanding how to tailor your practice to support students with additional educational needs.

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Differentiation for Secondary Students

Embedding challenge for every student into lessons whilst making learning accessible to all.

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Using Phonics to Support Early Literacy

We are all teachers of literacy, so whether you are new to phonics, want a top-up of your skills, or just some fresh ideas for how to make phonics lessons engaging – this is the course for you!



Behaviour for Learning

Providing practical classroom management strategies, how to forge strong relationships, and techniques for keeping students learning calmly.

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Safeguarding Young People

Comprehensive training on how to safeguard students in your care.

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Refining Your Interview Skills

Expert advice from a head teacher, and personalised coaching from interview specialists giving strategies to directly impact the chances of securing your perfect position.

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Teaching Outstanding Lessons

Evaluating your practice from the perspective of an observer and gaining clear strategies for how your lessons can show you to be an innovative, progress-driven practitioner.

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Changes to the Primary National Curriculum

Advice and assistance in planning literacy and numeracy lessons based on recent changes, and assessment techniques to help deal with Life After Levels.



Creating Calm and Confident Learners

Making your classroom a tranquil place where students will confidently take control of their own learning.

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Assessment for Learning

How to formatively assess and demonstrate progress effectively in your classroom.

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To find out more or book your place send an email to cpd@prosperoteaching.com. Places for non-registered teachers and support staff cost £10, which is fully refundable once you are registered with Prospero Teaching.

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