Safer Remote Teaching

We take safeguarding seriously, as will you and schools. Many of you will be asked by schools and employers to deliver lessons online, so it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with safeguarding guidance for teaching online. Please note: this does not replace full safeguarding training.

This courses is simply additional guidance and is not accredited at this time.

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Please watch and listen to the video IN FULL before attempting the questions.

Information required to answer the following questions is contained in the training video.
This course requires 100% answers to be correct in order to pass the course.

Remote teaching involves many additional safeguarding risks compared to a physical classroom.

All the points below are true, but which one was not listed as a risk in the video? (Please select one answer)

Why is it recommended that teachers use extreme caution when considering live video calls to students? (Please select one answer)

Video conferencing can create an unsafe environment for a number of reasons. Which of the reasons below were mentioned in the video?  (Please select one answer)

Are there any alternatives to video conferencing? (Please select one answer)

Which alternatives to video conferencing were mentioned in the video?  (Please select one answer)
All of the following can be issues when directing students to using video sharing sites.

What was the specific issue mentioned in the video? (Please select one answer)
Which of the following is not a way to minimise the risks of teaching remotely? (Please select one answer)

While teaching remotely, do teachers still need to report safeguarding concerns? (Please select one answer)

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