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Prospero Teaching contacts worldwide:

  • UK in England and Wales
  • International (Outside UK) across New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Dubai
  • International Office’s (Based in the UK) for European divisions
  • Departments: Primary, Secondary and Special Needs Education
  • Support teams: accounts/payroll, our training and CPD team
  • Feedback and contact forms if you would like to leave a message online

Prospero Teaching UK

(Part of the Prospero Group)

General Enquiries:

Payroll Enquiries:

Central Region (Chelmsford & London) –
Timesheetscentral@prosperogrp.comNorth Region (Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield) – Timesheetsnorth@prosperogrp.comSouth Region (Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth, Southampton) –

HQ and Prospero Teaching London, England


Prospero International (Outside UK)

General Enquires:

Toll Free from New Zealand: 0800 128769


International Office’s (Based in the UK)

Prospero Teaching International

Prospero Teaching Ireland

Prospero Teaching Netherlands

Courses and Training at Prospero


Special Needs Team

Prospero Primary and Early Years Division

Prospero Secondary Division

Children’s Education Services / Tuition Team

Payroll and Accounts


For complaints please contact

Our complaint policy can be found here.

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