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Sharing resources with students and home.

Your school may have its own learning portal already set up for home-learning, or you may be using email to share resources with students. However, if you are a little bit in the dark why not check out some of these ways to share resources with students and home.

  • Schoology – A free sharing site for lesson materials etc. Also useful for sharing resources with other colleagues. 
  • Seesaw – Remote learning
  • ClassDojo – Engaging for students and parents
  • Google Classrooms – Collaborate across the school

Sourcing Resources

As ever, the teaching community is rallying together with many teachers and schools sharing, or providing access to their resources. Many paid-for services, including numerous apps and websites, are doing the same, so use this as an opportunity to trial some different platforms for free!

  • Twinkl – Enormous resource bank. Free account during the current situation.
  • Schoology – A free sharing site for lesson materials etc. Social media can help you find the best groups to join. 
  • Facebook – There are a multitude of groups on Facebook for sharing advice and resources.  
  • Twitter – The education Twitterati are an amazing source of advice, resources and support. Find out what your subject or Key Stage hashtags are.
  • Kerboodle – For electronic versions of UOP textbooks.


Here are some links to boost some energy into revision lessons or sessions to avoid the hours of poster making, lecturing or ‘silent revision’ that can lead to over-stressed students getting burnt out.

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