Fail to prepare, prepare to…well…struggle in the first couple of weeks

We doubt any teacher would disagree that preparation is essential in the world of teaching. Here are three things for you to start thinking about to prepare for September.

Know Your Class

This may not be possible during the summer holidays but if you are able to, have a good look at previous assessment data for your class(es). If you don’t already know them it is also worth looking at pastoral/behaviour records, seating plans and even having a chat with their previous teacher to get a better idea of the class interactions. This will help you draft out a seating plan to use initially but be flexible with this within the first few weeks as you may not agree with prior assessments of ability or encounter some disruption that can be corrected with a seat swap.

Get Organised

Ensure that you have swapped labels on drawers, shelves and boxes with new class codes or names. Whilst also saving you time when term starts this also allows children to access classroom resources more independently. Resource wise, make sure you’ve got the right amount of exercise books, lined paper, stationery and of course… glue sticks!

TOP TIP – Blunt and Sharp pots. To avoid time-wasting of students sharpening their pencils during the lesson, they instead they swap their pencil for a sharp one. Table monitors or detention attendees are then responsible for sharpening the blunt ones.

Engaging Environment

Pinterest is a cornucopia of classroom decoration ideas but Twinkl and TES also contain many printables for the less artistic. However, don’t use every single idea you’ve seen on the internet. Think about your students and the purpose of each display – you don’t want the classroom to be so busy that students are distracted. Display prompts and keywords at the front of the classroom.

We love to hear from you, so if you have any other strategies you’d like to recommend or any topics you’d like covered, please email –