On Wednesday 3rd July, Prospero HQ in London hosted the final session in our 18-19 CPD series, another opportunity to attend: Behaviour Management Strategies.

The session started with our facilitator Katie Hinds prompting us to discuss the difference between behaviour and personality. Katie, an experienced teacher and published children’s author, made it clear that in order to successfully manage a classroom and understanding of the distinction was needed. This was followed by a ‘working wall’ of types of misbehaviour that prompted more discussion about grouping them and exploring possible causes.

We identified ‘proactive’ strategies looking at effective planning, rules and routines and creating a positive environment. This was a great opportunity to share experiences with colleagues and get feedback on our own strategies, successful or not. Katie led the discussions really well, using her own teaching anecdotes and expertise to provide clear feedback to all our questions.

The last part of the session covered ‘reactive’ strategies with top tips on responding to misbehaviour if it occurs – including sanctions. Katie then challenged us to apply all we’d learnt to a series of scenarios before we reflected on the session by summarising a top tip list from the session. We all agreed that we’re looking forward to next year’s CPD calendar.


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