Getting Technical

Educational technology is arguably the hottest topic in the education sphere at the moment. The springboard came from the challenge issued to the tech industry from the Education Secretary Damian Hinds last August. Since then the Department for Education has released plans to assess and “quality-mark” smartphone and tablet education apps for younger pupils and the LendED platform has launched as a ‘try before you buy’ edtech scheme for cash-strapped schools. Since the lives of modern teenagers are ingrained with technology it is an excellent way to engage students, whilst providing them with technological familiarity for an unknown job market as well as equipping them with the tools to keep themselves safe online.

With this final half term being a great time to experiment, take risks and be creative with different teaching and learning strategies, we’ve collated a list below of tips, tricks and apps to get technology into your teaching.



Revision / Homework

Online Safeguarding

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Please get in touch with any other examples of how you use technology in your teaching practice that we can share next week!

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