Topical Teaching – World Oceans Day


This year, World Oceans Day falls on a Saturday, so many schools around the world are recognising the event Friday 7th June. With an increasing public awareness of the wellbeing of our oceans, thanks a lot in part to Blue Planet 2, this year’s event should have a wider reach than ever. If you’re not on half term still, why not have a look at some of the resources below to help with an assembly, series of lessons or even just a one-off activity with your class.

Official websites

World Oceans Day – the official website for the day, you can find all the key information here along with great resources. It is also where you’ll find the Youth Advisory Council,

Official UN Page – a great site for resources and information about this year’s focus ‘Gender and the Ocean’.

The UN Calendar – this is the specific page for the day in the UN calendar and provides a background, videos and resources.

World Ocean Day for Schools – a curated collection of resources about oceans and water for all age groups.


Other great sites

Global Goals – 14: Life Below Water – printable resources (including comics!) for Global Goal 14: Life Below Water.

Blue Planet – Live Lesson – recording and accompanying resources for one of the BBC Live Lessons.

Global Ocean – a range of resources, training and resources around ocean protection.

National Geographic: Ocean Education – a collection of resources for all age groups (including a game, videos, printables and a whole unit of lessons).

World Oceans Day Canada – materials from the country that urged the United Nations to recognise World Oceans Day.

World Ocean Network – a sharing platform for events and ideas from around the world.


We love to hear from you, so if you have any more ocean teaching ideas or would like to share any work you or your students complete inspired by the above, please email –