Prospero Group – Best Companies To Work For 2018

Prospero Group, the company that encompasses all of Prospero specialist sectors was recently awarded ‘One to Watch’ by The Sunday Times’s ‘Best Companies To Work For 2018’.

This is a massive achievement for Prospero Group and we are very proud to be included on this highly regarded and competitive list.

‘When people are engaged they feel connected to each other and to the aims of the organisation they work for. They believe in a shared purpose and feel they play an important part in fulfilling it.

An engaged workforce is more motivated and productive because people take pride in what they are doing and have faith in those around them. This leads to better working relationships, greater collaboration and ultimately a more successful organisation.’


Our award takes pride of place in our Head Office – and is sure to be joined by others over the coming months!

Looking to join the team? There are lots of reasons why you should.  You look at our company page here and read other blogs about working for us here.