Prospero Welcomes New Overseas Teachers for 2017

New Year, New Overseas Teachers

As 2017 begins we’re expecting our next influx of overseas teachers, from Canada and Australia, to Belgium and Ireland, to The Netherlands and New Zealand, to land in the UK and start their fantastic new teaching career with Prospero Teaching. The teaching jobs on offer are full-time or day to day supply including teaching assistant jobs.


To help our overseas teachers settle into London life we arrange a full induction day for every new group giving them the opportunity to meet and greet our friendly Consultants and the chance to make friends with other newly arrived international teachers.


Each induction day goes through:

  • A complete induction to the UK school system, detailing:

    • School structure
    • OFSTED
    • Expectations
    • Curriculum
    • Best practice.
    • Accredited safeguarding training, (also available to do completely online for free here).


  • And some of the more basic advice such as how do you

    • Use the public transport system?
    • Get yourself a mobile phone?
    • Register with local surgery to get a doctor?
    • Find accommodation?
    • Open a bank account and transfer money from overseas?


Last induction day we had a city wide scavenger hunt before settling in for a swift few at every Londoner’s natural environment, the pub. This year we have a few surprises. Stay tuned for more…

Are you an overseas teacher interested in coming to teach in the UK?  Prospero has a dedicated Overseas Team who will get to know you, your career ambitions, help you settle into UK life and most importantly of all, find you a teaching job. You can contact them at