The Teacher who won an Amazon £100 Voucher from us

We caught up with the winner of our teacher survey and asked him a few questions about his teaching experience and why he chose to work through Prospero Teaching.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I feel that this is quite a personal question for me. When I was younger, I used to get bullied as a kid. A teacher is someone who you are meant to look up to and I wanted to be that person who kids could look up to. I feel that kids should feel as if there should be someone there for you, and a teacher is sort-of a fatherly figure in a sense. This eventually led to me becoming the Head of Year for my old school and forming an even closer relationship with my students.

Teacher completes survey to win £100 from Prospero

What motivates you to teach every day?

I think the fact that I know that I can make an impact on each and every one of these kids’ lives is a real motivation for me. At the moment I am a freelance graphic designer and personal trainer but I do supply teaching on the side. Kids have developing, young minds, they are not fully grown up and so you know what you say and do can affect their growing up – it makes the job personal for me.

What’s your favourite classroom moment?

I can’t pinpoint on exact moment. However, I think seeing the kids grow up and change from young kids into adults is a real deal-breaker. Going from GCSEs to A levels, you can see a real difference in behaviour and methods of thinking. There is also a mutual respect that comes with growing up and its really heart-warming to form special relationships with kids as you get to a stage where you can form an important relationship instead of a standard ‘enter the classroom, exit the classroom’ relationship.

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What do you say to non-teachers who say teachers have a 6 week holiday?

I would just walk away to be honest. Haha, only joking! But in all seriousness, I’d say that as a teacher, you never really have the chance to switch off as there is always some worry about the kids. Although there is technically a 6 week holiday, 2 weeks must be allocated to lesson planning and marking school work but the other 4 weeks are holiday – and well deserved for that matter!

What are your personal teaching stories?

It’s very emotionally damaging when you have to walk away from your year group, as was in my personal experience. But a personal experience of mine was when one of my own children came to me and was able to share his problems me. We continued to chat every day to try and resolve them as it beccome quite bad – he used to run out of class! Additionally, he could never concentrate. By the end of the year he was studying, concentrating and listening to teachers and I felt quite accomplished at the end because I made a large and positive impact on this child’s life.

Why did you choose to work with Prospero Teaching?

I chose to start working with Prospero because I wanted to rekindle my passion for teaching. I had already worked with a few agencies previously, and the fact that I can’t even remember their names shows they didn’t have much of an impact on my career! But Prospero Teaching was different from the get go; they really welcomed me with open arms and knows me really well, recommended me this agency and I can’t begin to thank her enough as I always have a job whenever I want one!