Top Tips For Easy Halloween Snacks

Need some top tips for easy Halloween snacks?  Never fear, Prospero Teaching is here with some horrifyingly simple snacks to tickle your taste buds and appall your friends.

easy halloween snacks

Hideous Hummus Cemetery

Mix black food dye with hummus and put into a serving dish. If you’re feeling extra creative you could even sprinkle your grave with fresh dill for weeds but do add a dark, rectangular cracker/tortilla for a gravestone.

easy snacks for Halloween

Horrific Hummus

Ghoulish Guacamole Slime

Buy (or even make?) guacamole. ¬†Peel and carve narrow carrots to resemble fingers, by making grooves where knuckles should be, and cutting a flat oval shape ‘nail-bed’ out at the end of the carrot. Make a slit in this flat area, back towards the ‘knuckle’. Cut a finger nail shaped and sized piece of red pepper and slide it into the nail bed.

Dip the ‘fingers’ into the green gunk and serve extra fingers on the side for further dipping.

easy halloween snacks

Ghastly Guacamole

Terrible Twiglet Broomsticks

You’ll need the thicker bread sticks for these broomsticks, as the thin ones will snap. Dip each bread stick into some cream cheese, about 1cm down the stick.¬†Stick the twiglets on to the cream cheese to create the brush end of the broomstick. For adults serve these with Bloody Marys and for childers with tomato soup.

terrific twiglets

Bobbly Broomsticks

You’ll find our other ideas for teachers when they’re not in school here. ¬†And don’t forget we’ve also got top teaching tips that are just as simple and easy to throw together as this gory grub.

Have you got some old Halloween party favourites that are quick to throw together after a day at school that you’d like to share with the Prospero Community?