Team-Teach Training

What is Team-Teach?

Team-Teach is a training course developed to promote de-escalation strategies for managing challenging behaviour. It teaches adults to use positive handling of students including occasional physical intervention when necessary.

Why does Prospero Teaching provide Team-Teach?

We provide Team-Teach training to our teachers and support staff so that they are fully equipped to operate within a Team-Teach environment. Unless individuals have been properly trained, they may use techniques that are detrimental to the wellbeing of others. Training is available to staff working in school that use Team-Teach techniques, when they are employed through Prospero Teaching.

Prospero has Team-Teach tutors located around the country who are qualified to deliver Team-Teach training to our staff. We run regular sessions of both 6-hour Foundation level and 12-hour Basic level courses.

Can I access the Team-Teach training?

If you are currently working through Prospero Teaching in a school that uses Team-Teach techniques, then speak to your consultant about accessing training.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Team-Teach opportunities, then please call us on 02074 046 383 or Email 

Can my school benefit from this training?

If you want to make an enquiry about implementing Team-Teach training in your school, then please call us 02074 046 383 or email Ellen Cooper

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