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Tips for using Social Media for teachers

More and more teachers are reaching out to their students through digital channels like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc.  Click here to see The Guardians’ guide for using these channels with examples…

Behaviour Management

‘A mixed bag of tricks’ but which one is more effective? The pick and mix nature of classroom management within the British educational system has left many NQTs and overseas…

Coming from Overseas to Teach in the UK

Prospero Teaching’s overseas experts explain Visas, Tiers, UK Ancestry & documents you need to come to Teach in the UK. Visas – How hard is it to come over? The…

Regional coverage: teaching jobs in the UK

Prospero Teaching place teachers in London, South East England / The Home Counties and is now expanding into the North Of England and The Midlands with offices across locations in the UK….

TEACCH (Autism programme) for KS2

Pupils with ASD are taught and learn more successfully according to the principles of the TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic Related Communication Handicapped Children) programme through classroom specific activities/tasks including life-skills….

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