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Get Support for Overseas Teachers

It can be difficult to adjust to the English education system. In order to meet the high expectations in terms of behaviour management and lesson planning, experience and careful guidance are required. This is why the DfE’s ‘Get Support For Overseas Teachers’ scheme was created.

As part of the pilot scheme, all state-funded secondary schools and academies are eligible to apply for support for overseas teachers.

We provide the fantastic teachers you have recruited with the training they need to adapt their overseas experience to the English education system.



Prospero Teaching’s Support Package

As a trusted DfE training provider, Prospero Teaching is pleased to offer this service that equips overseas teachers with the skills they need to succeed in English classrooms. With a record of excellent retention and satisfaction levels when supporting overseas teachers, Prospero is well placed to provide this training service.

Our support package has been prepared to enable teachers to thrive in the most in demand departments – Maths, Science, Computing, MFL, Geography and DT.

Prospero’s training package has been created by teachers and for teachers, addressing the challenges that teachers in England can face. After consultation with experienced overseas educators and school leaders our service includes training on:

  • Positive behaviour management
  • Lesson planning
  • Meeting professional standards
  • Subject-specific lesson planning and delivery
  • Support with understanding school policies and procedures, curricula & exam boards



What support do overseas teachers receive on this programme?

There will be pre-arrival support and subject-specific resources for teachers, including handbooks and online training modules. The online training includes guidance on teaching in England, working in English schools, and relocation advice.

In addition, an experienced teacher at Prospero is able to offer individual contact and support throughout the first term.

In August, teachers will attend a 3-day residential training event, which will cover behaviour management, subject-specific learning, lesson planning and more.

We recommend that you nominate an in-school mentor to work with Prospero and the international teacher throughout the first term. We will use information gathered from mentors to ensure our individual support for teachers is tailored and bespoke.



Find out more

To find out more and how to register your overseas teacher for this service please visit Recruit teachers from overseas – GOV.UK ( or contact us on if you have any further questions.

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