Your Expectations of Prospero Teaching

Prospero Teaching has expectations of the Teachers and Teaching Assistants we send into schools, and equally, you have expectations of us.

Your expectations

You expect us to treat you as individuals; listen to your needs; use our expertise; place you in schools that are right for you; be reliable; pay you on time and be honest and communicate.

We strongly believe that communication is the key to maintaining a positive relationship.

Our expectations

We expect you too to be honest and communicate; be punctual whether booked for a day of supply; an interview or a long-term position; dress appropriately; fill in your timesheets on time; follow our guides on behavioural management policies and be an ambassador for Prospero Teaching.

We have built a very positive reputation over many years and it’s important to us.


If at any time you find you will not be able to arrive at the school at the expected time, please contact us on the number above to advise us of the delay. If you are booked for a day of supply in the morning, one of the Prospero Consultants will do a journey planner for you and advise you on your expected arrival time at the school. This information will be communicated to the school, and if you are late you need to communicate with us and notify us of your lateness by 8.30am.

If you are ill please inform us by 6.30am at the latest, by contacting us on 020 7404 6383, so that we can advise the school.

Upon arrival

Please introduce yourself and say that you are from Prospero Teaching. Ask the school secretary to inform the relevant individual, the name of whom would have been given to you by your Prospero consultant – that you have arrived. Remember to sign in. Before you start teaching you have to ask the school to inform you about their Behaviour Management Policy, Marking Policy, and the school dinner register if relevant.

Before you leave

Make sure you have done all the marking and left a note for the class teacher with the activities of the day.Access your timesheet from our TIMESHEET PORTAL, approved and submit it to us.

Dress code

Teachers are professionals so please dress accordingly. The purpose of the dress code is to uphold the professional image of the profession and Prospero Teaching. Our reputation is important to us. It is important to create a positive impression for you and the company.

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