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Senior Residential Care Worker – Radlett

Job Reference: JAK/SRCW

Job Start Date: 1 April 2019
Position Type: Long Term / Permanent

Sector: Special Needs / SEN
Role: Support role, Support staff
Subject: Special Needs / SEN, ASD, PMLD, EBD, MLD / SLD, Personal Care, Global Delay, Inclusion, Speech and Language Therapy Assistant, Psychology Graduate, Complex Needs
Location: Bromley, South East London, Bexley, Greenwich, Lewisham, South London


About the job

Principle Accountabilities:


Life Opportunities and community presence:

  • Actively support the people we work with to experience life opportunities which promote maximising potential, care and fulfilling their dreams.
  • Enable community presence and participation as desired by the individual being supported
  • Ensure the people we work with are supported to access person- led chosen activities and opportunities which result in measurable outcomes and achievements for the individual
  • Assist in designing individualized programme of leisure, education and social opportunities
  • Comply with guidelines in developing, designing, implementing and reviewing individualized support and care plans


Support and Care:

  • assist in the assessment of individuals with autism to enable them to develop talents and ensure needs or difficulties are identified to meet their full potential.
  • maintain regular and appropriate records and reports as directed, eg incident reports.
  • Provide required support to the individual with autism which ensures the maintenance of an environment which is as safe and hygienic as possible and appropriate to their needs
  • apply appropriate agreed Intervention as specified in support care plans, and procedure technique/s, for the protection & safety of the individual with autism, others & environment.
  • support the individual with autism to access health services appropriate to their needs as specified in their care plan.
  • participate in all meetings as required and make a positive contribution to them.
  • ensure good working relationships with parents, family and other professionals involved in the individual with autism’s care and promote team working and good working relationships with colleagues.


Training and Development:


  • commit to undertake training in autism and all training relevant to the post.
  • practical demonstration on an ongoing basis to reflective learning and blended learning and any other training requirements for the role both statutory and in-house requirements
  • To actively contribute and maximize the supervision, appraisal and personal development experience.
  • To maintain Continuous Personal Development in line with statutory registration requirements and internal CPD.


Finances and Resources:


  • To follow all rules, direction and guidelines pertaining to internal Finance policies and procedures.
  • To be aware of and appropriately report any discrepancies relating to finances and resources of individuals with autism and the organisation.




·         To be aware of the role of the relevant care regulatory body or OFSTED (schools) and national minimum care standards or any other statutory requirement standard (as is required for the work setting and to participate in meeting all required standards in accordance with legislative requirements.

·         Maintain an overall awareness of current issues and developments in the field of autism

·         Comply with safeguarding requirements

·         Under the provisions contained in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, it is the duty of every employee to:

·         Take reasonable care of themselves and others at work

·         To co-operate with the NAS as far as is necessary to enable them to carry out their legal duty.

·         Not to intentionally or recklessly interfere with anything provided including personal protective equipment for health and safety or welfare at work


Equal Opportunities:

The NAS is committed to anti-discriminatory policies and practices and it is essential that the post holder is willing to make a positive contribution to their promotion and implementation.


Job Descriptions only reflect 80% of a role, and are not an exhaustive list of duties. You are expected to carry out other activities that are within the scope of the role.