ASD - Module 2: Autistic behaviours.

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Why can people with autism often be misunderstood in public, e.g. a child with autism as being labelled as naughty?
What are the social differences summarised by the triad of impairments?
What part of social communication do most people with autism NOT have difficulties interpreting?
Which of the following is NOT a common coping mechanism used by people with autism who struggle to follow a conversation?
People with autism can have difficulties with the ‘Theory of Mind’. What is the 'Theory of Mind'?
All of the options below are strengths and abilities that can be associated with autism. But which of the following was NOT listed in the video?
Are you currently looking for work in the Education, Social Care or Healthcare sectors?
Which settings do you have experience of working within? (Please select all that apply)
What is your current role?
Do you hold any professional qualifications relating to Education, Healthcare or Social Care?
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