Awards For Excellence & Supporting Charity

Awards For Excellence & Supporting Charity


Over its 18 years of business Prospero has achieved a range of prestigious awards and accreditations.

These include the following detailed below:

  • The ‘Big Tick’ BITC Award for Excellence
  • SEN fundraising
  • Accreditations: APSCO

Awards for excellence

London & South East Recruitment Awards – nominated for:

  • Best Recruitment Team Of The Year
  • Best Customer Service
  • Recruitment Agency Of The Year
  • Prospero Award for Excellence in Recruitment

Neuroblastoma Society

Neuroblastoma is a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer, mostly affecting children up to the age of 14 years. About 100 children in the UK are diagnosed with it each year, and due to this there is a significant lack of funding; The Neuroblastoma Society relies entirely on donations in order to carry out its work. Our aim was to run 10k and raise £10,000 for The Neuroblastoma Society – £1000 for every kilometre! We raised £7000 in 6 weeks.  A fantastic achievement.

The ‘Big Tick’

From  2007 Prospero has been awarded a ‘Big Tick’ in the BITC Awards for Excellence. It is the only recruitment consultancy in the whole of the UK to be awarded a Big Tick and we continue our high standards in sustainability and a green approach. This makes us the UK’s most sustainable recruitment consultancy.

Prospero’s submission “Realise your Potential” in the Eco-efficiency category of the Awards for Excellence 2007 has been awarded a Big Tick. The Big Tick is given to those companies that can demonstrate the positive impact of their responsible business behaviour on society as well as on the company itself. The decision to award the Big Tick was made by a panel of independent, experienced practitioners, and as such the award is both hard won and highly prestigious.

In the past few years our focus has been on issues associated with corporate, ethical, social and environmental behaviour. Prospero has used CSR as a way to drive innovation across the business. Through the launch of the company’s policy our aim has been to emphasise the CSR (corporate social responsibility) issues that are of most concern to our clients.

Prospero’s corporate vision is to deliver a competitively-priced service that satisfies human needs and brings quality while progressively reducing the environmental impact of goods

Business In The Community’s Awards for Excellence, now in their tenth year, are the UK’s leading awards for responsible business practice.

The awards recognise companies that are integrating responsible business practices into their main operations and are delivering positive impacts on the marketplace, the workplace, the environment or in the community.

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