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A Look Inside Prospero’s After-School Clubs for Overseas Teachers

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Everyone needs a community and a helping hand along the way… especially when one has moved overseas to work and live in a new country! Moving across the world and settling into a new way of life can seem daunting, that’s why we offer our international teachers and teaching assistants the ability to attend our after-school clubs.

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Teach in the UK from canada

Teachers from Canada attending our after school club in London


What exactly are after-school clubs? What do they look like?

Set in Prospero’s head office in central London, our after-school clubs welcome every teacher and teaching assistant who has ventured overseas to live and work in the UK, to come and take part in a relaxed and supportive social environment. Here, we offer a professional development training session (with lots of pizza, snacks and beverages) which gives everyone a chance to catch up, debrief, and share experiences of how life and work is going in the UK.

Through these safe spaces, community flourishes and long-lasting friendships are formed as each individual has the opportunity to connect with many other teachers who are embarking on a similar adventure.


To catch a glimpse inside one of our After School Clubs, click below:

Canadian teachers in the UK

What kinds of topics are discussed at Prospero after school clubs?

Our professional development topics cover anything teaching-related and/or related to relocation and the various opportunities that living in the UK can bring. 

For example, in our last two after school clubs, we covered topics such as behaviour management and how to better support students with SEN in our schools. Our teachers had the opportunity to discuss the personal experiences they’ve encountered in their classrooms, share stories and learn new strategies to better manage their classrooms in order to more effectively reach and support all students. 

In another after school club, we focused our attention more on travel. We understand that a big draw of coming to the UK is the many travel opportunities living in the UK can bring! Since the UK is an amazing place to explore in and of itself and is a great launching pad to explore the rest of Europe, we partnered with an external travel agency and were able to share expert advice on the best trips to take and adventures to experience while being based in the UK. Stemming from this, we were able to give one lucky teacher an all-inclusive trip to Scotland! 

Click above to see our teachers and TAs finding community with one another!


Our Aim 

Our aim is that our after school clubs are able to provide as much support as possible to our overseas teachers in order for everyone to feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home throughout their UK adventure.

So, whether you’re thinking of taking the leap to work overseas with Prospero or you’re already based here, I hope you join us at one of our after-school clubs in the future. We’d love to see you!

Thank you for checking out our post on Prospero’s after school clubs! If you are interested in teaching opportunities overseas reach out to our international team via email –

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