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CPD Courses Preview for October

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We’ve got an excellent month of free and fully accredited CPD courses coming up for you… This month includes an updated classic and a brand new course.

Our next two virtual CPD sessions are ‘Pastoral Care in a Post-COVID Classroom‘ and ‘Supply Teaching Strategies.‘ Notably, all our content has been written with modern classrooms in mind, as we navigate through these still challenging times. Our experienced facilitators are passionate about training teachers and teaching assistants to thrive in today’s classrooms.

All the information you’ll need on accessing our free virtual CPD courses can be found here.

Last month, our participants gave us some brilliant feedback – the interactive nature of our CPD courses means that we are able to virtually create a group learning atmosphere, with expertise shared and questions answered fluidly. We also received positive comments on the convenience of having these sessions accessible virtually. The 17:30 kick-off times are designed to fit well around your school and home schedules.

Check here for a full round-up of our CPD provision from September.

Upcoming CPD Courses in October:

Pastoral Care in a Post-COVID classroom – October 4th + 11th

We know COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. However, the majority of schools are fully open. Students are expected to be in, catching up on lost learning. This course aims to examine the wide range of impacts COVID-19 has had on young people and prompt discussion around how best to support our students returning to the classroom.

Fittingly, this will be an interactive and discussion-based course. We facilitate lots of opportunities to share experience and expertise with other course members. The focus will be on supporting the wellbeing of students and staff in school. What extra challenges have students faced during the pandemic? What could the short, mid and long term effects of this disruption be on education? How can we look out for and mitigate against the adverse effects of COVID-19 as we return to the classroom? Explore these important questions and more with the group in October.

Course Aims

–  Explain possible impacts of COVID-19 on students

–  Describe the impacts of COVID-19 on staff, schools and education as a whole

–  Understand practical solutions to supporting students affected by COVID

–  Suggest strategies for adapting the school environment post-COVID



Supply Teaching Strategies – October 6th + 13th

Next up, Supply teaching comes with its own unique set of challenges: teaching new students in an unfamiliar classroom. Grasping various school policies. Running with lesson plans written by somebody else. Join this course to learn how best to plan for each day of supply work, tips for maximising lesson time and strategies for managing difficult behaviour.

Previously, this was one of our most popular CPD courses when held face-to-face. We provide a wealth of advice and strategies for successful supply teaching. What do you do when the lesson plans provided aren’t up to scratch? How do you hone your behaviour management skills when doing day-to-day supply teaching? How do you set strong expectations for behaviour and effort with a new class every time?

Course Aims

–  Describe how to best prepare for a supply day

–  Understand the expectations and responsibilities of supply teachers

–  Explain how to boost student engagement

–  Identify key behaviour management strategies

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