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Celebrating World Teacher Day 2021

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October 5th is World Teacher Day. This is a pretty big deal for us here at Prospero: We work with 1000s of amazing teachers all around the globe.

Why celebrate World Teacher Day in 2021?

You will most likely be able to recall at least one special teacher that really inspired you. They may have pointed you in the right direction career-wise, helped you overcome a major challenge, or instilled in you a life-long passion for your favourite subject. That is reason alone to celebrate World Teacher Day! This year, however, is extra important…

This year, teaching staff across the world have had an incredibly challenging time. Fittingly, 2021’s theme is ‘teachers at the heart of education recovery.’ UNESCO presented this theme to honour teachers’ “determined and diligent efforts in the crucial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.” There is also a focus on the support teachers will need to successfully impact upon this ‘education recovery.’

Between the 4th and 8th of October, a series of global and regional events will highlight the effects of COVID-19 on the teaching profession and promote effective and hopeful policy responses. UNESCO’s aim is to make clear the steps that are needed for the teaching profession to continue to thrive. World Teacher day has been celebrated around the world every year since 1994.

Now, how can we celebrate the amazing efforts and dedication of our teachers this World Teacher Day?

Firstly, a few fascinating facts about the teaching profession to share with your class or teacher friends:

  • In the UK, there are over half a million teachers. Around 216,500 work in primary schools.
  • On average, primary school teachers spend a whopping 782 hours teaching per year.
  • There are over 10 million pupils in the UK in both full time and part-time education. This shows the enormous importance of today’s teachers in shaping our future generations.
  • After doctors and nurses, teachers are the third most trusted profession in the UK.
  • Irene Basham is believed to be Britain’s oldest teacher. The 92-year-old has taught children at a school Bradford since 1947.
  • The City Montessori School in Lucknow, India, has 52,000 pupils and 2,500 teachers!
  • Canterbury’s King’s school was founded in 597 CE. The school is the second oldest in the world and the oldest in Europe.
  • Queen Victoria was of the firm belief that everyone should receive a proper education. During her reign, education was made compulsory for all children. Resultantly, the Victorian era saw a sharp rise in the literacy rates of both men and women, which became almost equal. The literacy rate rose from just 52% in 1820, to 76% in 1870.

Celebrating World Teacher Day in School:

Below are just a few ways in which you can mark world teacher day this year. If you are an educator, we hope in the very least you know how appreciated you are!

  • Usually, only music teachers are fans of blowing their own trumpets. Why not nominate another teacher for an award? This fantastic prize draw includes an iPad, Fortnum and Mason gift hamper or National Book Token gift card for the winners. Perhaps you have a teacher friend or colleague in mind that you feel deserves special recognition this year?
  • Keep an eye on UNESCO’s announcements between the 4th-8th of October. They are sure to be sharing links to fascinating and insightful seminars. Be inspired by the difference you are making in this profession!
  • Twinkl hosts a wealth of resources for celebrating World Teacher Day in the classroom.
  • If you have a special educator in mind that really inspired you in the past, you could use this day as an opportunity to reach out and thank them.
  • We often say that teaching others is the best way to learn. You could bring this concept into the classroom, and invite your students to share their skills with others. A ‘think, pair, share‘ activity would work brilliantly.
  • You could host an activity around ‘what qualities make a great teacher’ or ‘what helps us to learn.’ Unpicking the criteria for a really effective learning environment would be a very useful exercise for both you and your students. Cultivate that community of learning!

Let us know how you are celebrating World Teacher Day this year. We’d love for you to get in touch via our social media channels.

Happy World Teacher Day!

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