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RELAUNCH: Prospero’s Free CPD for Teachers & TAs

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Prospero’s Virtual CPD Catalogue Relaunch

We’re back! We are very pleased to announce that we are officially resuming our free CPD for teachers and TAs from September 2021. Our courses are fully accredited by CPDUK which means that you’re guaranteed high quality and well-structured training.

We are hosting online CPD on a range of topics suitable for teachers and teaching assistants, including:

  • Teaching Assistant Training
  • Practical Classroom Management for Teachers
  • Pastoral Provision Post-COVID
  • Supply Teaching Strategies
  • Planning for Inclusive Learning
  • Building Inclusive Classroom Culture
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Supporting Students with EAL

Why the relaunch? What has changed?

Many of you will remember the face-to-face training we held in our offices regularly before the outbreak of Covid-19. This year, there are a couple of key differences with our relaunched CPD catalogue:

  1. Our new look courses will be delivered in a live virtual format over zoom. This means you will be able to join in from home, school or anywhere with an internet connection!
  2. Our courses have been revised and updated to reflect the realities of the modern-day classroom. We also have a host of brand new courses, including ‘Pastoral Provision Post-COVID’ and ‘Building an Inclusive Classroom Culture.’

Why is regular CPD important for education staff?

All education staff should partake in regular CPD sessions. Regular CPD and twilight sessions are often provided within schools for permanent staff. However, consistent CPD is not as easy to keep up with for agency staff, especially if you prefer short term supply work.

CPD sessions ensure that you:

  • Keep up with the current standards of working in education.
  • Hone your knowledge and skills to enable you to deliver high-quality learning opportunities and impact positively on pupil outcomes.
  • Have the opportunity to meet and share knowledge and skills with other education professionals.
  • Demonstrate to potential future employers that you are committed to your professional development.
  • Regularly self-reflect and evaluate your practice in order to progress.

How does the live virtual format work?

Each course consists of two 90 minute webinars and a gap task to be completed in the week between sessions.

The two-part webinars will take place exactly one week apart. For example:

  • Classroom Management part one – Wednesday 8th September 17:30 – 19:00
  • Classroom Management part two – Wednesday 16th September 17:30 – 19:00

Who are Prospero’s CPD online courses aimed at?

We have a wide variety of free CPD courses for teachers and teaching assistants, from ‘Practical Classroom Management’ and ‘Supply Teaching Strategies’ to ‘Assessment for Learning’ and ‘Planning for Inclusive Learning’. Click here to explore the full catalogue.

We are sure you will find something useful and interesting in our catalogue whatever your experience level or role in education.

How much does it cost to attend one of Prospero’s free CPD for teachers courses?

The ticket price to attend one full course (Part One + Two) is only £10 (+ booking fee). However, if you are a registered candidate with Prospero Teaching the £10 ticket cost will be refunded to you on completion of the whole course – meaning you can access the whole course for only the cost of the booking fee!

How will participants join in with the course as it’s held online?

Our live virtual courses will be interactive. Interaction could involve posing a question in the chatbox, responding to a poll on-screen or chatting with other participants in break out rooms.

We have aimed to make our courses as interactive as possible with lots of opportunities for discussion and skill sharing.

How does one book a place onto a course? There are two parts, does that mean you need to book two tickets?

You only need to book a ticket for ‘part one’ of each course. All participants who attend part one and complete the task between sessions will receive an email with information for part two the following week.

On the date of part one all ticket holders will receive an email containing an invitation to the evening’s event, technical information and any resources provided.

Please make sure that you are available to attend both part one and part two of each course.

How will participants pass the courses?

You will be assessed by an independent ‘gap task’ to be completed between sessions, as well as on your participation in both parts of the course.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes! If you attend both part one and part two of the course and complete all assigned tasks, your certificate will be emailed to you after the completion of the course.



Thank you for reading!

We hope this provides you with all the information you need about the relaunch of our free CPD for teachers and TAs.

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