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Prospero Celebrating Pride in 2021

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2021 marks the fifty-second anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which took place in New York City in late June of 1969. These protests are seen by many as the beginning of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Alongside February (LGBTQ+ History Month), Pride month in June is an excellent opportunity to celebrate diversity. At Prospero Teaching, we value diversity and inclusion amongst our staff, candidates and schools.

Respecting others is a key British Value, required to be taught in schools and same-sex relationships a part of the new Relationships and Sex Education policy which came into force in 2020. This year, with limited opportunity for people to gather in celebration or in protest due to Covid-19, the need to spread messages of inclusion and respect become all the more vital. Recent events during the Euro 2020 Football tournament show that sadly we still have a way to go. Below are a few ways you can celebrate pride month yourself and at school below…


Celebrating Pride in the Classroom:

Primary classroom resources

Teachwire, Twinkl and Toot Toot have provided a fantastic set of resources for bringing pride awareness into the primary classroom. The Proud Trust explore same-gender relationships through familiar fairy tales.

Embrace the rainbow

The rainbow flag, the six stripe design finalised 50 years ago, has become a powerful symbol.  Fly the flag in your classroom or school, make some rainbow flag art projects or explore the wide range of flags used now to represent many different minority groups.

Use inclusive language

Know your language. Use correct terminology to use when referring to people in the LGBTQ+ community to avoid offence and embarrassment. Stonewall has a great glossary here and they continue to help tackle homophobic and transphobic languages in schools through different campaigns.

Learn about LGBTQ+ leaders and figures in history

There is a wide range of resources out there regarding LGBTQ+ history and famous figures from all time periods but a great way to engage students may be through the films featured in Into Film’s collection.

Learn about current issues

Stonewall – lots of support for schools (including resources), information about inclusivity in the workplace and a great list of LGBTQ+ organisations you should know about.

How You Can Engage in Pride

Wear inclusive clothing and support LGBTQ+ businesses

Show your support for pride through supportive clothing or products. Make sure that any larger businesses using the rainbow to sell products are, in some way, supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Sadly, LGBTQ+ people are often marginalized by society and so supporting local businesses at a grassroots level is very important.

Donate to or volunteer for LGBTQ+ nonprofits

Much LGBTQ+ community support relies on donations. Holding a charity event at school can be a great idea to engage student enterprise whilst supporting a good cause.

Host a Pride movie marathon and promote literature

There are loads of excellent films, documentaries, series and books that celebrate LGBTQ+ culture. This Book Is Gay is a popular text that we think every teacher and parent should read, and every school library stock. Book-wise there are listslists and lists of appropriate reading for a display or book club in your school.


Most importantly teach your students respect and acceptance. The issues and lessons here can and should be taught all year round.

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