Setting cover work and planning ahead

With there still being some uncertainty around schools fully opening in September, educational staff will need to be more adaptable than ever. Ideally, outbreak rates in your area will remain stable and your school will be able to open and remain open giving our students that much needed consistency. Fingers crossed!

However, there may be localised closures resulting in teachers and students having to switch to home learning at short notice for at least a couple of weeks at a time. It is vital that we make sure this does not lead to lost learning time with so much progress to catch up on with our students already.

It is a possibility that teachers will be required to set cover work for students just in case it’s not possible to all be in the same classroom at the same time.

See below for a few pointers to keep in mind when planning ahead:

  • Think about how each activity might work if students were required to complete them independently away from the classroom.
  • Plan for activity instructions and success criteria to be as clear and straightforward as possible. 
  • Think about support resources that will enable all learners to meet your learning objectives.
  • Make sure that the context and examples that you use in teaching are as relatable as possible for your students. Our students’ worlds may be feeling ever so slightly smaller at the moment.
  • Talk will colleagues when planning for your class / department. The ‘what if…?’ approach will be helpful for you to plan for every eventuality. We must work together to meet the challenges ahead.