Summer Stress Relief

During this strange summer holiday, it is going to be more important than ever that you as a teacher take good care of yourself and that you find a way to destress. Perhaps your usual way of destressing is drinking cocktails on an exotic beach as far away from the UK as possible (it’s definitely mine) but the current situation has made that kind of relaxation a lot more difficult at the moment, not to mention the uncertainties that lie ahead for the new academic year. 

But this is exactly why it is more important than ever that you charge your batteries during this time and take your mind off of teaching for a while. So, if drinking on faraway sandy white beaches is not really an option, what is going to be a good alternative

A clean room is a happy mind

You don’t need to Marie Kondo your room/flat/house, however, if there’s anything that makes me feel like I need to do work, it is watching my laptop, papers, a pile of work, etc.… lying on my desk or finding it in visible places. Organise it and hide it away – thinking about the new academic year can wait. 

A guilt-free lie-in

During the academic year every second counts, but during the summer holiday you don’t have to beat yourself up for getting up past 5am… or past noon for that matter. 

(Virtual) Social butterfly

You might not have much time during the year to meet up with people and the past few months this has been harder than ever. Use the summer holiday to reconnect with beloved friends and family members, be it virtually or live at a social distance. Keep the government guidelines in mind though! 

Tourist in town

It might be less ideal to travel abroad during this turbulent time, but there are plenty of beautiful places to discover and fun things to do in the UK! Visit a UK beach, discover a new city or town or play tourist in your own town and go for a lovely, long walk! Again keep an eye on the government guidelines and make sure you follow these. 

Busy hermit

You might not be feeling like going outside and meeting up with people, and after calling several people for several hours the fun has worn off of that too. Understandable! Luckily there’s plenty of things you can do at home. Watch a movie or binge-watch a series without feeling guilty, cook your favourite meal (or order it – Cooking prince(ss)? Neither am I). Unleash your inner artist by drawing, writing, redecorating your house, … Or take an online course! 

Be kind to yourself

Whatever you do, enjoy the moment and be kind to yourself. It has been a rocky year for everyone so far, don’t be too hard on yourself when things didn’t go as planned and let them go. Take each day as it comes and relax.