Happy Half-Term

Whether your half-term is this week or next, Prospero Teaching wishes you a lovely time off and we hope you have made some lovely plans for the next few days. Whether you have been working for us for a few days, weeks, or even months already you have definitely earned some time off this week. So, get the most important bits for work sorted during the first few days and then forget about teaching entirely! Spend some time with friends and family, have a lie-in, take a walk in the countryside, visit a museum, go and see a movie, in brief: have fun!

How to survive until spring?

We’re well into the new year and Valentine’s Day (whether you liked that one or not) has passed. Now it’s another long, long ride towards that – hopefully sunny – Easter Holiday and even longer until we can enjoy summer. It’s often around this period of time that people struggle due to a large amount of work and a little amount of sun and fresh air – who wants to walk outside when it’s raining and you have tons of marking and planning to do? Luckily there are plenty of ways to beat those winter blues and take care of yourself – and what better time to try these out than during the half-term holiday?


For those who do love planning ahead and cannot wait to continue their professional development, we have a few amazing courses lined up from March onwards. They are free and accredited, so definitely have a look at our courses HERE if you would be interested in attending one of these!

Do dance in the rain – or go for a walk

It will probably be the last thing on your list, but getting outside for some fresh air and natural light is probably one of the best things you can do to get into a better mood. Even a 15-minute walk is enough already to re-energize your brain! Combine that with something more active like running or dancing (release your inner Gene Kelly!) to release even more serotonin – also known as the happy hormone.

Ditch ‘Friends’ to meet up with some friends

It is very tempting to wrap yourself like a burrito into a blanket and watch Friends for the 628th time when the weather outside is dreadful, but not even that series can match meeting up with an actual friend over a cup of coffee (or a good glass of wine). Isolating yourself only adds up to the feeling of sadness and loneliness, so even if you’re not really looking forward towards that dinner party, make an effort to go anyway – you never know what the evening might bring! Friends too busy and family far away? We’ve all been there. Why not help a good cause by volunteering to get some social interaction? It gets you out of the house and you’ll be making other people happy by doing it.

Don’t stop the beat

It is scientifically proven that listening to upbeat music (and dancing to it – go ahead!) can improve your mood, even after the song has ended. Which is exactly what you can tell your housemate when “Walking on Sunshine” is blasting from your room for the 100th time that day.

An Apple a Day …

You might already need to suppress a yawn by thinking of cooking a healthy meal. Especially when days are cold and short, cooking a fresh meal can seem like an impossibly long task. Those days ordering some take-out will be much more appealing! Yet it is now that you need those veggies and fruits more than ever since this boosts your immune system and foods filled with glucose get you in a slump faster than you can say “Could you give me that chocolate bar?” Speaking of chocolate, one website called RealSimple states that chocolate can help enhance your mood and relieve anxiety. Just putting it out there.

50 Shades Brighter

A dark room doesn’t really help when things are already dark and dreary outside, so bring in those fairy lights and candles, and change whatever you can to a lighter shade (Sheets? Pillows? Furniture?) to brighten up your room!


Magazines, books and videos have been buzzing with the beneficial effects of meditation. Even just a few minutes per day can improve your (mental) health and give you more life satisfaction.

Get planning – for your next holiday

Nothing planned yet for the summer? Now is the time to do so! Even just looking into holiday destinations will uplift your mood. Imagine the feeling when you have actually booked something and got something to look forward to. Now, where’s that travel guide?

That’s all Folks! Now off you go and enjoy your holiday – you deserve it!