New Year’s Resolutions

Teachers have enough on their plates trying to stick to personal resolutions in the New Year, without having to think about professional ones. So here are some ideas to keep your teaching fresh for the new year.

Introduce New Elements Into Your Classroom

Try one new teaching strategy, resources or piece of teaching software each month to keep things new and challenging when teaching. You and your pupils will benefit. Making a list and assigning one new thing to each month will help you stick to your plan.

Set Goals

What are one or two things you think are important but get waylaid as soon as the term gets going? Write one achievable goal a month in your diary and make it a teaching priority.

Encourage Health and Fitness 

It wouldn’t be a new year’s resolution list without some mention of health and fitness. Plan your meals in advance and take time for exercise when you can. You can also make it a classroom activity with healthy eating lessons and integrating movement into daily activities.

Get Your Work-Life Balance in Order

Much easier to write than do but try and keep your schoolwork at school and enjoy your time at home. Make sure you set a cut-off point for when your school day and thus teaching work ends. Also, set one day a week eg Saturday as a non-school day ensuring you do no school work.  Making yourself happy will make you a better teacher, more fulfilled and so your students will benefit too.

Reduce Your Marking Load

Use one lesson a week for self- or peer-assessment.  Not only is it an effective teaching tool but that’s 30 books less for you to mark!

Give One-on-One Attention to Pupils

It doesn’t have to be formal, but something like a rotating classroom job in which pupils help you do something. You can check in with them individually and see how it’s going.

Don’t Let Admin & School Policies Get You Down

There is nothing you can do to change those annoying meetings, policies or piles of paperwork, so try to stay calm and focus on the children – they’re the reason you’re there in the first place.

Consider Your Teaching Career

Whether you need to add professional development or change positions, think about your goals and plan for how to achieve them. It’s also a good time to think about any performance management targets you have and how to make some progress on them before Easter.

Dress to Impress – Yourself

Don’t underestimate how feeling good in your clothes and wearing something you love can lift your mood. Add a few, fun pieces to your typical work outfits and turn those school corridors into your own personal runway…


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