Classroom Clinic – Early Exam Intervention

“Dear classroom clinic,
I’m starting to target intervention with some of my students. How do I stop them from getting bored of revision this early?” 

Firstly, if you are starting your targeted intervention, they should not be generic revision sessions but instead planned specifically for the knowledge, skill or exam skill of those specific pupils. Use their PLCs and analysis of their mock exams for you to identify where you can help bridge the gap.

Specific exam skills and reinforcing basic concepts are often easy wins. Ensure you read the last year’s exam report and identify any ‘silly’ mistakes that were frequently made so that you can prepare your students to not make them this year!

Second, here are some links to boost some energy into revision lessons or sessions to avoid the hours of poster making, lecturing or ‘silent revision’ that can lead to over-stressed students getting burnt out.

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