Road Safety Week

Every 20 minutes, someone is killed or seriously injured on a British road and each of these tragedies is preventable.

Road accidents are one of the biggest causes of death and serious injury to young people, a fact which Road Safety Week is trying to address. With budgets for beloved ‘lollipop ladies’ dwindling and debates over pedestrianising school localities ever-present in the news, the need to increase students’ awareness of risks on roads has never been more vital.

Road Safety Week, therefore, develops resources for anyone to use including lesson plans, activities, assemblies and a range of interactive resources. Why not use these tomorrow on Wednesday 20th November on another ‘Beep Beep! Day’ – celebrated with Timmy Time. The Brake Zebra’s website has even more videos, games and activities for you to get involved in.

Get in touch to let us know if you do anything with your students for Road Safety Week for us to share! Keep your eyes peeled for future Beep Beep! Days.