CPD REVIEW – Teaching Assistant training

On Saturday 12th October, Prospero HQ in London was host to our first Teaching Assistant training CPD of the academic year hosted by our brand new facilitator Bradley McDonald.

We started the session with a ‘do now’ with attendees attempting to decipher as many school-specific acronyms as possible – a very useful heads up for those in attendance who were looking to work in a school for the first time! Our facilitator, Bradley McDonald, a successful Year 6 teacher and team leader with experience as a TA in both Primary and Secondary settings then led us through numerous activities exploring the role of a teaching assistant. He painted a clear picture of what a typical ‘week in the life’ of a teaching assistant feels like with lots of advice on working successfully within a school department.

We then focused on how to support learning in the classroom, working collaboratively with the class teacher and how to support behaviour management. The specific strategies for behaviour management were particularly useful for participants who have been working with small groups of students with specific learning needs. Bradley empowered the group with techniques for turning any activity into an opportunity for students to progress by taking ownership of success criteria.

Using video clips of real lessons as a springboard for discussion, the TAs were able to strategize on how to show initiative in the classroom to ensure they have a positive impact on their future classrooms whilst pushing the learning forward with their students. Course members came away feeling energised and confident about their roles in classrooms over the coming weeks.

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