CPD Review – Supporting Young People with SEND

On Saturday 22nd June, Prospero HQ in London was host to the penultimate session in our 18-19 CPD series: Inclusive Education – Supporting Young People with SEND.

The session began with an insightful game of SEND acronyms – who knew there were so many we didn’t know! Chris Gunner, an ex-English teacher, KS3 lead and More Able Student Coordinator, then led us through numerous activities to explore some specific special educational needs and what they mean for those students. We experienced what challenges were presented by specific lesson activities from the perspective of students with dyslexia and ASD.

We then looked at the reality of these needs for the teacher and learnt how to use both EHCPs and IEP to inform our teaching and support practice. Chris introduced cognitive load theory and the importance of good differentiation to support all students but especially those with SEND.  He was also great at sharing his top tips for differentiation and anecdotes of his experiences with SEND students.

Challenged to implement these differentiation strategies and also our own ideas, we were split into groups to devise as many strategies as possible to deal with a variety of common lesson activities. But there was a twist… we were each given a different student with a SEND requirement and had to ensure that the activity was suitably differentiated for each of them! After this breakout session, the group came back together with Chris sharing more practical tips and ideas, while our lists of strategies were typed up and emailed out with our certificates later in the week. We all came away having learned both theory and practical strategies for supporting young people with SEND.

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