On Wednesday 12th June, Prospero HQ in London was host to the last Supply Teaching Strategies session in our 18-19 CPD series.

We began the session with a discussion of the expectations on supply teachers going into primary and secondary schools. Attendees around the room gave their top tips for preparing for a day of supply. Co-facilitator Alex shared tales about the good and the bad days from his time as a supply teacher and gave advice on the best way to ensure both teacher and students get the most out of their day. The room was very positive about the merits of supply teaching: flexibility, the chance to hone teaching skills and behaviour management strategies with the exciting prospect that no day is ever quite the same!

We then looked at the realities of ‘cover work’ and ‘supply packs’ left for supply teachers upon arriving at school. We split into groups to devise as many strategies as possible to deal with a variety of common supply teaching stumbling blocks! Our teachers were very receptive and open to sharing ideas with everyone in the room learning a lot! It was brilliant to hear teachers encouraging each other: every day on supply is an opportunity to learn and improve…

After our breakout session, the group came back together with Josh sharing many practical tips and ideas for thinking on your feet, adding engaging twists to activities when left with stale cover work and for injecting challenge and pace into uninspired ‘filler activities.’ Armed with these techniques, our group of attendees stand every chance of impressing whilst out on supply in the future and supporting students to have fun whilst learning despite their regular teacher being away from the classroom.

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