Classroom Clinic – Mass Marking

“Dear classroom clinic,
By the end of this week, I am going to have hundreds of End of Year assessments to mark. Do you have any quick wins for marking lots of assessments at once?”¬†


The idea of marking hundreds of similar scripts (a realistic one if you’re a secondary foundation subject teacher) sounds horrific, yet it is a reality. Nothing we write can remove that marking but here are some tips to try and help save you some precious minutes.


  1. ESSENTIAL TOP TIP!¬†–¬†Marking one question at a time¬†– Marking one question / double page spread at a time is a great way to get into a rhythm, keeping your mind focused on one part of the mark scheme before you have to think about the next part of the test.
  2. Peer-assessment РCan the students mark parts of the test themselves? Especially multiple choice or short answer questions.
  3. Self-review РYou do not necessarily need to write repetitive comments. Why not number/tick mark and then get students to use the mark scheme to write their own comments, using a comment bank to help?
  4. Whole group feedback¬†– Tick mark assessments and write a collective set of notes on frequent mistakes or successes (like an examiner’s report) to save you time writing individual feedback on every paper. This is especially useful for spelling mistakes: instead of correcting every keyword in 120 tests, collate a list of the most frequently incorrect ones and give the whole class that list to then be tested on in a couple of weeks’ time.
  5. Open page¬†– If you’ve done the assessment in exercise books, get students to leave their¬†books open on the correct page. The 10 seconds you save flicking through every book to find the correct page all adds up!


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