CPD Review – Behaviour for Learning


Last Saturday, 18th May, Prospero HQ in London was host to the latest in our CPD series: Behaviour for Learning.

The session started with attendees experiencing a model example of a lesson entry, with Katie Hinds facilitating as the teacher. Katie, an experienced teacher and published children’s author, then led an analysis of the role play everyone experienced to start helping us identify simple strategies to start our lessons off right (for more tips on lesson starts – check out this blog).




We then covered some behavioural theory before exploring the types of unacceptable behaviours we experienced. It was nice to hear that I was not the only person who’d experienced some behaviour issues in the past! But in order to tackle the behaviour, we first needed to explore the wide range of possible reasons and causes behind the misbehaviour. It was interesting to note that many causes are within the teachers’ control and can be prevented through appropriate reflection and planning for behaviour including setting and maintaining high behavioural expectations.



Our breakout session was then working in teams to show a role play whereby a ‘teacher’ managed misbehaviour of their ‘students’ by using the techniques we’d been discussing. We then came back together to discuss and feedback on as a whole group and it was useful to see how different personalities applied the same techniques in different ways with the same impact. It was also fun to see some ‘students’ forcing the ‘teachers’ to think in their feet!

Katie then led us through an Irish lesson(!) – an excellent way for us to experience what students feel in a poorly planned lesson of unfamiliar content. Now we knew what not to do, Katie then shared a wide range of strategies and techniques for us to improve our classroom management. Katie was an excellent facilitator and this was yet another outstanding Prospero CPD session. See what some of the other attendees had to say below.



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