Prospero Teaching Proudly Sponsors TeachMeet’s InclusionMeet at Turnham Primary

On 1st May TeachMeet ran an InclusionMeet CPD event at Turnham Primary Foundation School

TeachMeet's InclusionMeet

Nick Heard from Turnham Primary Foundation School organised this CPD event to share best inclusion practice with schools and practitioners in south east London.


Headteachers, HLTA’s and those with a passion for inclusion gave presentations on different areas within this topic. Some placed heavy emphasis on turning the curriculum ‘upside down’ and posed these questions –

‘If we focussed on mental health and well-being as a core learning area, would our children be happier and more confident?’

‘Should we have ‘core subjects’ or should each subject carry equal weight so that children who feel musical/artistic also feel that they are achieving in their preferred core area?’

‘Should ‘in-school’ expulsion rooms be changed into yoga or dance rooms?’.

TeachMeet's InclusionMeet CPD Event

Mark and Chavina from Turnham Primary shared the ‘Philosophy’ approach that they have engrained in their school. Children meet during the week with Chavina (HLTA) to work on sharing ideas and thoughts while listening and appreciating other’s ideas. This has helped the children recognise and practice mutual respect while acknowledging that people’s ideas may be different from their own, but that this is acceptable.

Some very useful tips for deescalating anxiety attacks were also shared.

However, what most inspired us Summer’s Story; she’s a BAFTA Award winning student who shared her experience on living with epilepsy.  And her short film sums up for us what Inclusion is all about and why it’s so essential. You can watch it here.

What did you think about Summer’s film?  What are your views on Inclusion? We’d love to hear your thoughts.