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In today’s generation, kids’ cartoons + TV shows, 0% of princesses are coders, boys are twice as likely to take the lead, less than 3% of characters are people-of-colour and 92% of females are underweight? And not one superhero recycles. Stories teach children what to think about themselves and the world around them. And kids are constantly bombarded with subtle and not-so-subtle messages – for up to eight hours a day. So in a world where silly cartoon princesses are the norm, we set out to create cool, bright, diverse characters that have interesting and challenging adventures across the world. And as we’re techies, we use technology to engage kids in fun, new ways.

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Detective Dot is going to inspire the next generation to be coders, not Kardashians. In kids stories today, 0% of princesses code, boys are twice as likely to be the lead, under 3% of characters are BAME, 92% of female characters are underweight, and Batman doesn’t recycle! This has to change. And because teachers rock, for every book you buy, we give free materials to a school.

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In 2014, the UK government made Computer Science compulsory in primary schools – that means 5 year olds are learning to code, alongside English and Maths. We’re the first country to do this, and it’s ace. Because there’s a global digital skills gap (the UK is going to need 2.3m digital workers by 2020), and a lack of females and minorities working in STEM (science, tech, engineering, maths) – currently less than 13%. Less girls take computer science degrees today than they did 10 years ago!

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