Teachers & Support Staff: End of Term Drinks

On Friday 9th December Prospero Teaching and some of our most sociable and celebratory teachers and support staff gathered together with us at The Tokenhouse to bid the winter 2016 term goodbye and welcome the festival season with a few bevies…

thanking Prospero Teaching's Teachers

Makes a change to the staff room

Did someone say it's the holidays soon?

Did someone say it’s the holidays soon?

What's a party without a bit of mess?

What’s a party without a bit of mess?

At Prospero Teaching we know it’s all about you, our Teachers and Teaching Assistants which is why is we like to show you our gratitude. So whether it’s social events or our free accredited CPD we do our best to keep you happy and skilled.  If you’re not currently part of the Prospero Community but would like to be why not see the range of teaching jobs we’ve got and start your new year with a new career opportunity?

Were you at this end of term event? Maybe you’ve got some pics you’d like us to add to this blog? Just send them to newsr@prosperoteaching.com and will post them here.