Call Out to OISE Students

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … and I don’t just mean the countdown to the holidays!

Toronto Festive Bauble

It’s time for the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education’s Professional Preparation and Career Fair – one of the largest education career fairs in Canada.

On Friday, December 16,  from 11:00am – 2:00pm, all Ontario based Teachers and OISE alumni are encouraged to attend the fair and learn more about teaching abroad.

You can stop by the Prospero Teaching booth and meet Candidate Managers, including me and Erin McDonnell, who will tell you all about the benefits of teaching in the UK with Prospero Teaching.

Erin and I particularly enjoy attending this Career Fair because we are OISE alumni! It’s always lovely to catch up with our past mentors and meet and greet the educators of tomorrow.

We also know firsthand what it’s like to study at OISE and prepare for life after graduation and we appreciate how difficult it is to find a teaching job in Ontario, which is why we encourage you to think about teaching in the UK where there’s a teacher shortage. What’s more, teaching in the UK offers the opportunity to start in a long term role, with no previous supply experience needed, so you can start off in your very own classroom. 🙂

And Prospero Teaching offers a comprehensive support package before you leave Canada, when you arrive in the UK as well as ongoing advice and free, accredited CPD.

If you cannot attend the fair and would like to know more about how Prospero Teaching can help you with teaching jobs in the UK, you can always email us at

To those coming to OISE we look forward to meeting you

By Jessica (OCT)

Canadian Candidate Manager

Are you a Canadian teacher currently teaching in the through Prospero Teaching? If so, maybe you have some bon mots you’d like to share here with any Canadians thinking of teaching in the UK?