Another Fantastic Prospero Teaching CPD Session: Delivering Outstanding Lessons

On Saturday 29th of October, the incredibly enthusiastic and talented Lilly showed us how to deliver consistently ‘outstanding’ lessons

We learned that “Outstanding” needn’t be confusing. It’s not about flashy resources, magic plenaries and having the “X factor” – instead, Lilly broke down exactly what Outstanding means and what it looks like.

Sharing her own extensive experience, as a former Head of Whole-school intervention and Head of English, Lilly showed us the core elements of teaching to an Outstanding level and refocused our attention on the vital elements of every lesson – while also enabling in-depth debate about our personal teaching methods.

As well as showing us practical techniques to meet Ofsted’s requirements, Lilly led discussions on ensuring each of your students are making progress and being challenged by your lesson. Touching on differentiation, assessment for learning, and behaviour management techniques, the session proved to be hugely useful for everyone that attended.

In-depth group discussion


Sharing good practice: embedding a culture of learning in your lessons

cpd Outstanding lessons

Key to teaching outstanding lessons is to be focused on your students’ learning

Feedback from the day:

Maria, “It’s so important to encourage a growth mindset and encourage the children to learn independently”

Shashi, “I learned many points on what an outstanding lessons feels like, and some great ideas on assessment.”

Prospero Teaching adds – we run free, accredited CPD for teachers throughout the year and you’ll find details of further CPD sessions on our CPD Events Calendar.

Did you attend this training session for teachers? If so, how would you describe it?