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Free Accredited Safeguarding CPD

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On Tuesday 22nd November a group of Teachers and Trainees came to Prospero Teaching to refine and polish their Safeguarding skills and knowledge under the tutelage of Prospero’s very own Science Teacher and Candidate Development Manager.

Safeguarding lies at the very heart of every teacher and support staff’s job. At Prospero Teaching we support you, whether you are working in one of our fantastic schools, or looking for new opportunities.


One of the focuses of Prospero Teaching’s Safeguarding Young People course is helping our teachers and support staff develop a deeper understanding of the safeguarding structure in the UK’s education system.


As well as discussing the theory behind safeguarding and the legal requirements for adults working in schools, Safeguarding Young People promotes group discussion about classroom-specific safeguarding situations, allowing you to engage with other education professionals over real life examples.

Prospero Teaching adds – we run free, accredited CPD for teachers throughout the year and you’ll find details of further CPD sessions on our CPD Events Calendar.

Did you attend this training session for teachers? If so, how would you describe it? And are there any other subjects you’ d like us to cover in our CPD provision?