Team Teach Training at Prospero Teaching

Jack from our Cardiff office, ably assisted by Dani from our London SEND team, gave Stage 1 Team Teach training to some fellow Prospero Teaching Consultants

Prospero Teaching cares about quality provision for SEND pupils, which is why we train our SEND Consultants in Team Teach and will soon start to train some of our registered SEND teachers in Team Teach too. 

It’s also why we’re attending the TES SEN SHOW 2016 on Stand 95. So if you care as much about quality SEND provision as much as we do, why not come and say hello? We’ve got Tangles, Pop-ies and much much more.

Of this day training day Jack said

“Having worked with EBD students previous I feel that it is important that our staff are provided with the right training and I get a real buzz from sharing my experiences and knowledge of Team Teach with my colleagues”.¬†

 Free Team Teach Stage 1 Training

Jack, Jake & Dani

Massimo added

“This fantastic training gave me a great opportunity to share some of my experiences and thoughts about working in SEND in a friendly and understanding environment. I learnt about holds and restraints¬†as well as prevention and managing a crisis. As a result I feel I have greater empathy for my SEND staff and an enhanced appreciation for the challenges they sometimes face in EBD environments. I feel this new found knowledge will make a real difference to the service I provide to my teachers and support staff thereby helping many more young SEND pupils’ education and well being.”

Free Team Teach Training Stage 1

Massimo & Jack


Free Team Teach Training

Dani and Sophia

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Do you teach and/or in SEND? What would you say to mainstream teachers considering a change of direction to get them to consider working in SEND? What is it you love about SEND? Is it the autonomy or maybe the creativity or even the rewards of SEND work? We think they’d find your comments enlightening so please do share them here…