Stage 1 Team Teach Training

Help Manage Challenging Behaviours

Prospero Teaching and Stage 1 Team-Teach training

Held in our Head Office in central London and facilitated by our very own Team-Teach qualified Trainers, it was six hours of intensive, comprehensive training, at the end of which all participants left with a smile and, more usefully for their long term SEND careers, a Stage 1 Team-Teach certificate.

The course started with theory and was followed by practical…..

Hello, I'm Jack, Your Friendly Stage 1 Team Teach Trainer Today

Hello, I’m Jack, Your Friendly Stage 1 Team -Teach Trainer Today

It's Circle Time!

It’s Circle Time!

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Intimate Space

Intimate Space

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Laughing Space

Having the Team-Teach qualification is highly attractive to SEND employers but did you know there are no specific qualifications for teachers and support staff working in SEND? Are you interested in teaching smaller classes with more opportunity to get to know your students and bring your own personal pedagogy to your classroom? If you’re super creative and flexible in the classroom then SEND might be a highly fulfilling teaching environment for you.

Prospero Teaching has a specialist SEND Team with SEND teaching jobs and SEND TA jobs in both mainstream and specialist settings.

Are you currently working in SEND as either a Teacher or a Teaching Assistant? What is it you enjoy and would recommend to others about your job?