Day in the life of a Teaching Assistant: My TA (Plus) Experience at Hasmonean

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I landed this role as a Teaching Assistant at Hasmonean High Boys via Prospero Teaching.

I was very excited when I started my placement in September as I had high hopes of helping students as well as gaining great experience watching other teachers’ styles of teaching, in order to fulfil my dream of becoming a History Teacher.

On the first day I was approached by the Assistant Head who told me my letter of recommendation was outstanding and he therefore wanted me to teach a year 7 and a year 8 class at the Girl’s site for the year. This I could not refuse, it felt as if my dream had just fallen into my lap.

I am now 8 months into this placement as a Teaching Assistant which entails

  • understanding the students who are in need of extra support around the school
  • knowing their statement and what their needs are
  • liaising with
    • teachers
    • line mangers
    • other teaching assistants
    • the students, and
    • the students parent/key worker
  • as well as supporting non-statemented students in classrooms with mixed abilities.

I can tell you that 8 months into an unqualified History teaching position and this role has been so rewarding. And it helped me breeze through my interview with the IOE and gave me confidence and preparation for my School Direct Course.

The two classes I teach consist of 24 and 26 students. I plan and present my own lessons whilst also focusing on monitoring success, marking and student development. Every lesson is also a learning opportunity in which I identify areas and skills I can improve on and those I should carry on with.

I feel that I have built great relationships with the students, teachers and even specific parents.

The staff have been so warm and supportive and I cannot thank Prospero Teaching enough for encouraging me to apply to this school.

I would definitely come back to Hasmonean after my year of experience if there are any vacancies for a History teacher. 🙂

By Tenesan

Prospero Teaching has a huge variety of TA jobs and Teaching roles all over the country as well as NQT positions.

Are you a Teaching Assistant training to become a teacher? And if so do you have any words of wisdom or top tips for anyone considering the same route into teaching? We, and more importantly they, would love to hear from you.