Prospero Teaching Meets Irish NQTs

St Patrick’s College Drumcondra and NUI Galway gave Prospero Teaching a typically warm Irish welcome on our recent visit to meet their NQTs and talk to them about teaching jobs in the UK.

'I Believe I Can Fly' to Ireland

Prospero Teaching: Up Where We Belong

Galway Looking Pretty

The Pretty Streets of Galway

A university with no students...

Where Are The Students? Studying hard…..

Irish NQTs looking for their first teaching job will find it with Prospero Teaching

Ready, Willing and Waiting for those NUI Galway Education Students

Prospero Teaching Attracts Irish NQTs

A Prospero Teaching Collage

Next up on our Irish roadshow?  Monday 29th February, University College Cork, 5-7pm Aula Maxima.

Whether you’re an NQT training in Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, did you know that Prospero Teaching works with schools who have a track record of supporting and retaining NQTs? You can see our wide range of teaching jobs all over the country in our job search.

Are you in your final year of training for your QTS? Have you thought about how you’re going to secure your first teaching job in the UK? Have you thought about the kind of work you’d like whether that be supply, long term or permanent? Reading our blog on Advice For NQTs might well help you make up your mind…

Or maybe you qualified in 2015 and are in your first year of teaching? Do you have any thoughts or advice you think could benefit those about to secure their QTS? Please do share it here….