Prospero Teaching at TES SEN Show 9-10 October, 2015

Prospero Teaching, Designed, Built and Ran a Colourful and Multi-Sensory Stand at the TES SEN Show Last Week

Easy to Grip & Interesting to Touch

Interesting To Touch & Easy To Grip

Just one of the many sensory toys Prospero had on our stand

Sensory Word Wall Awaiting Well, Words...

Before: Sensory Word Wall in Place

And another SEN tool, awaiting visitor input

Colourful, Textural and Fun - The Prospero Sensory Box

Our Sensory Box: Colourful, Textural & Fun

And here’s one we made earlier, Prospero’s very own designed and built sensory box

SEN Word Wall

Our Sensory Word Wall is Full of Well, Words

Full of visitor reactions to our Sensory Box

The Stand Before Prospero 'Prosperised' It

The Stand As We Found It

Before it was ‘Prosperoed’

After: The Completed Prospero Teaching SEN Stand

After: If You Build It They Will Come

And they did; ITTs, TAs, LSAs and Teachers all enjoyed our SEN team, toys, knowledge and bubbles

Playing With Our Sensory Box

And They Did

Our very own SEN TAs and Teachers helped our visitors interact with our SEN toys and stimulus

Teachers, TAs and LSAs flocked to Prospero's SEN stand

Prospero Teaching’s SEN Stand Was a Popular Place

Our dedicated SEN team shared their enthusiasm for the field with equally committed and caring Teachers and Support Staff

What Is It About Bubbles

Who Doesn’t Love Bubbles?

A fun filled fair where we met people of all ages, shapes and sizes who feel passionately, as we do, about SEN

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Did you attend the SEN fair?  Did you make it to our stand and if so,what did you think of it? Is there something you think we could do to improve the way we communicate with you about SEN? Is there some additional SEN service you’d like to see from Prospero?  Please do let us know