Prospero Welcomes Overseas Teachers to the UK

Induction for Prospero’s Overseas Teachers

Every year, hundreds of overseas teachers from all over the world make the move to the UK and register with Prospero Teaching, knowing we’ll find them teaching jobs in the UK.

Prepped and ready to start life in London

Team Prospero Ready To Start London Life

As anyone who has ever moved to another country will know, there are so many things to think about both before and after you’ve arrived. How do you find accommodation? How do you open a bank account and transfer money from overseas? How do you use the public transport system? How do you get a mobile phone? How do you register with a doctor? And so on and so on!

This is why Prospero’s dedicated International Teaching Team has just held two inductions days for teachers who arrived during the summer break. How lovely it was to meet and mingle with teachers from such a variety of locations and backgrounds! On our first induction day we welcomed teachers from nine different countries; Australia, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States.

In a classroom at the University of London Institute of Education, the Prospero Teaching International Team tackled these questions and many more. With handy booklets to guide them through the day (along with complimentary lunch, snacks and gift bags) the group engaged in interesting discussions and Q&A sessions regarding the finer details of London and UK life.

This was followed by some serious business talk! Our in-house Candidate Development Manager delivered an introduction to the national curriculum, including information on assessment criteria, exam boards and some top tips for lesson planning. Available throughout the year, she is an ex-teacher who is here on-call in the office to specifically assist teachers with any queries they might have or classroom support they may need.

And finally, our eager new teachers were split into teams each led by a Prospero consultant and sent out across London on a scavenger hunt. Braving the London rain, and frankly acclimatising themselves to our glorious UK weather, our intrepid teachers shared entertaining photos of their teams’ exploits posing in front of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Shard, and plenty of other London landmarks. And their reward? Complimentary drinks and snacks at a nearby pub, a chance to chat with and get to know some of Prospero’s consultants and reflect on a highly constructive, entertaining and information-filled day!

4 in the back, 3 in the front

How Many Prospero Teachers Can One Fit in a London Taxi?


Cant get into Buck Hall? Here's the next best thing

Getting up Close and Personal to the Queen

But what did our teachers think of the Prospero Induction Days?  Well here’s what they said…

“I did learn a lot, had a lot of fun and made quite a few new friends…Thank you so much!”

“Being able to mingle with everyone and to make friends was amazing. I had a blast!”

“Everything I had questions about before had been answered by the time I left.”

With our teachers settled into and enjoying London life and teaching in UK schools, the Induction Days have been a major success, with many of the attendees keeping in touch, meeting up and  becoming friends.

The International Team is now eagerly planning similar Induction Days for January and April 2016. If you’d like to know more about teaching in the UK and attending one of these Induction Days, email today!

Are you a teacher currently based overseas and interested in seeing the huge variety of teaching jobs Prospero offers in London and the UK? Then look no futher than our jobs search.

Prospero has further in-depth advice and tops tips for teachers currently based abroad but interested in teaching in the UK in our blogs for overseas teachers section of the website

Did you arrive to teach in the UK during the last twelve months?  Do you have any advice for newly arrived teachers or those considering moving here?  Has your experience here met or even exceeded your expectations and if so how? It would be great if you could share your stories here with the Prospero community, whether funny or instructive, they’ll be hugely appreciated.