Six Weeks Off: Part 2 – Teachers in the School Holidays Series

Don't Know When I'll be Back Again

Teaching Can be a Ticket to Ride…

Six Weeks Off: If Travel Broadens the Mind, Then What Can Teaching Bring to the Mix?

Qualified teachers are not only at a premium in the UK but in other parts of the world too. Have you ever considered using your teaching skills to get you further afield than say, Spain? With the best part of five weeks available to you could the world really be your oyster this summer

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Teaching is a rewarding vocation where you can make real impact, do something truly significant and important, as well as give and make a real difference to large numbers of young people and their lives. In short, it matters.

But teaching can also be a ticket to travel further and wider than you may have thought possible, especially with long school holidays; long haul destinations become a more viable option when you have more than two weeks at your disposal, combined with a highly prized skill set.

The first decision you need to make is whether you want to volunteer or earn.  This will impact the number and location of opportunities available to you.  When thinking about this consult a range of the specialist organisations which have structures, relationships and teaching jobs in place. They can find teaching positions for you, travel can be organised too, advice and help regarding visas and bureaucracy will be on hand, and you can benefit from the organisation’s years of experience so that your own and host expectations are managed efficiently and effectively.

Teaching and living with your host community provides you with the opportunity to get to know the culture and individuals in a way that’s just not possible for the ordinary tourist or back-packer. Living in close proximity to your hosts and teaching their children means that you’ll be a part of their lives and experience them in a direct and immersive way The fact that you’ll be contributing something highly meaningful to their children and the impact that can have should not be underestimated.

The chances are you’ll be teaching students who value education highly.  Because it’s not compulsory and they choose to participate in it means it’s highly probable they see it as a way of improving their lives and creating opportunities their parents haven’t had.  Working with such motivated students can be hugely rewarding and fulfilling.

With structures, resources, timetables and objectives in place, as well as other teachers of course, it’s a great way of experiencing other teaching cultures, styles and practices. You can work alongside teachers with different training, aims and personalities to you own which can be hugely refreshing and encourage you to examine all the formats, delivery styles and aims you’ve begun to take for granted.

In other words, teaching abroad can become an opportunity not just for you to give to others but also encourage you to examine your own motivations and objectives and return to the UK classroom in September a refreshed, reinvigorated and motivated teacher.

Want to teach in the UK and interested in seeing what teaching jobs are out there? Go to Prospero Teaching’s jobs page to see the huge variety of roles we have across the country.

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Have you ever taught abroad?  Would you recommend it and why?  What did you enjoy most about the experience?  Please do share your stories here with the Prospero community.