Prospero Teaching’s Gareth Thomas Visits Fortismere School in North London

Gareth Thomas Runs Workshops at Fortismere School

On Monday 27th April Gareth Thomas, Prospero Teaching’s anti-bullying ambassador, led a series of workshops at Fortismere School in north London.  Under his guidance students from years 8, 9 and 12 explored a range of issues including equality, diversity, leadership, aspiration and how to achieve goals.  Gareth also coached a group of year 7 PE students on the school’s sports field teaching them to score actual rugby goals.

He started by leading twelve 6th formers in a workshop on equality and diversity. The students grabbed the opportunity to discuss and challenge common views, creating their own presentation which they later shared with the lower school. The room buzzed with discussion and the level of openness and support in the room was incredible. Moving on to work with Year 8 students on raising aspirations, Gareth’s differentiation was masterful. By the end, forty twelve-year-olds had started to think about which characteristics would make them stand out in the world. Of course, for a man who has spent a lifetime playing rugby, his sporting skills are second-to-none, and a class of Year 7s were lucky enough to end their day playing rugby with one of the world’s greats.

Interested in seeing more about how Gareth Thomas and Prospero Teaching work together in dealing with bullying in schools with our Balls To Bullying campaign? Visit our website here.

Prospero Teaching's Gareth Thomas With Some Fortismere Year 12 Students

Fortismere Year 12 Students and Prospero Teaching’s Gareth Thomas


Fortismere Year 7 students pose for photos with Prospero Teaching's Gareth Thomas

Fortismere Year 8 Students Pose for Pictures on the School Sports Field with Prospero Teaching’s Gareth Thomas


A Fortismere Year 8 student shares his work his class peers and Prospero Teaching's Gareth Thomas

Prospero Teaching’s Gareth Thomas Listens to a Fortismere Year 8 Student Share his Work


A Year 8 student from Fortismere shares his work with his peers and Prospero Teaching's Gareth Thomas

A Forstimere Year 8 Student Impresses Prospero Teaching’s Gareth Thomas With His Writing Skills


A Fortismere Year 8 student impresses Prospero Teaching's Gareth Thomas with her work

Prospero Teaching’s Gareth Thomas Enjoys the Work of a Fortismere Year 8 Student


Fortismere Year 8s in Rugby Sessions with Prospero Teaching's Gareth thomas

Fortismere Year 8 Students Enjoy a PE Lesson With Prospero Teaching’s Gareth Thomas


Do you teach diversity, equality, leadership and achieving goals in your school?  Do you have any ideas you’d like to share with the Prospero Community on how these values can be shared with students?  If you have, how did your students respond?

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